They say “everything happens for a reason” but like what the fuck?!  We all know that life can be an ass sometimes…*cough* 2020 *cough*…so we encourage you to kick today in the dick!  We aim to create badass items for you to gift to others or to treat yo self!  Our products are all handmade with so much love.  Our goal is to sprinkle more joy into your everyday life!

Hey lovely human! I’m Emily and I love to get hammered (metal stamping pun…or is it? ;) hehe.)  In all seriousness, I love metal stamping…I also love Baileys! 

I’m so passionate about metal stamping and it means so much that my work gets gifted by you awesome humans!  I make everything in my home studio in Hamilton, Ontario AKA “The hammer”. It’s like I was meant to do this or something?! Haha. 

I want the piece you receive to be a playful spark of happiness.  It’s the necklace you give your mom that makes her giggle and when she wears it she knows how loved she is.  It’s the keychain you give your best friend that makes her feel like a badass queen.  It’s the bracelet you get yourself because wearing it reminds you that you are worthy. 

Shit happens in life that can bring us down, so I strive to create cheeky items that make you laugh and feel good.

Life is too short for boring gifts!