What material is this? 

I stamp pretty much everything on high quality, aluminum, so they won’t tarnish, change colour or rust!  It’s also considered hypoallergenic, which is great for people with certain metal allergies.  Aluminum is lightweight, but don’t let that trick you.  It’s one of the most durable anti-tarnish metals there is!  It’s perfect for jewelry or keychains, since it won’t weigh you down.  

Aluminum is used in the building of cars, buildings, planes, food storage and lots of other everyday items.  It’s used so much since it’s lightweight, strong, tarnish free and can withstand different weather and strong pressure, which means it can last for many years. 


How should I take care of my piece? 

With any item, it’s lifespan depends on the care you give it.  Aluminum doesn’t tarnish, so  technically it can get wet.  However, since aluminum doesn’t change colour, I need to add black enamel inside the letters.  The enamel I use is water resistant, however getting it wet, especially multiple times, may take the darkness out of the letters.

You can prolong the life of your piece by removing it before showering, swimming, or exercising.  

Pro Tip for cuff bracelets: Open the cuff just enough to slide onto your wrist sideways, and then turn it to the front, rather than opening it wide to fit over the top of your wrist. This is a great way to extend the life of your bracelet and help keep its form.


What if the black comes out of my letters?

The black enamel may come out of the letters over time, if the piece has gotten wet repeatedly.  This is because aluminum naturally doesn’t tarnish, so a darkener needs to be put into them.  If the enamel happens to come out, you can either leave the letters unfilled, or fix it yourself with a little life hack.  You can actually use a sharpie to colour in the letters & wipe off the excess with rubbing alcohol on a paper towel.  You could even use a sharpie fine point pen if you want to skip the alcohol part. 


Can I customize this? 

Absolutely!  I love making custom pieces, since they’re extra special.  If you have any questions about customizing anything, please reach out to me through my website, email or on social media.


I’m in/near Hamilton, do you offer local pickups?

Yes! If you’re in the area, you can definitely select local pickup at the checkout and pick up on the Hamilton Mountain. 


Can I include a gift note with my order?

For sure! Leave a note at the checkout letting me know & I’ll hand write a note for you. 


How long does shipping take within Canada or to the US?

Typically orders take 5-10 business days to arrive (although things can always vary with the postal service), so it shouldn't be too long of a wait.  Shipping times can always vary and delays may occur.  Around the holidays it’s more common. Please be patient in the off chance that happens - I wish I could make every order arrive insanely fast, but unfortunately I don’t have wings. ;) 


How much does to Canada or to the US cost?

Typically, shipping is $3 for Canadian orders and $8 for American orders.  The shipping cost may cost more if you order several items, since the size &/or weight of the shipment increases. 


Do you accept wholesale orders?

I sure fucking do! Feel free to send me a message so we can chat about working together and I can show you my wholesale catalogue.